What Is Love

If your not defending it, you can loose it, if your not looking for it, it will be taken from you. You must pack up yourself to find it. You must look to the good to find it. Don't let yourself miss it. You are not the center of the universe! You are a member of it and so are they. You are not smarter than everyone else. You are not the only one! You are one of many. Yet not so lost as not to be found. When you are lost he leaves the 99 to find you alone. He can see you in the group as closely as when you are alone with him. Be love. Be love. How can you love? Hold close to the destination you seek. Make sure it isn't in the place. Make sure you seek what is to come not what you have. Not what you can have here but who you might meet. Holding fast to the one you've promised your heart as they are the only one that keeps you on target.